Highlights - Portfolio

Willemijn Overmars

Willemijn is a graphic designer, but it took her some time to be one. After nursery school and fashion academy she realized that drawing was more in her field of interest. Since May 2014 she quitted her job to fully commit to graphic design. She gave herself one year to grow into the job and now she does a lot of commissioned art. Examples are t-shirts, logos and corporate identities. She tries to gain money by selling her designs through small shops. Being able to fully commit to the job is a good feeling, because now she has time to experience and try. Next to commissioned art she makes her own work. Examples are t-shirts, wall paintings or 2D work. For the future Willemijn would like to exhibit in an art gallery, but diversity is something she really likes. That feels like an adventure.

The artist works a lot with organic forms, such as flowers, lines and curls. The ’60 are a style that is very applicable on the work Willemijn makes. She finds it important to make something that is esthetically nice to look at, so she sees her work as decoration material. People will find happiness in beauty and Willemijn wants to attribute to this process. But in the back of her mind she knows that taste is an individual process. She wants to make wall paintings in the city and trains herself to work faster in order to establish this within one day. She needs good techniques to do so. ¬†Graffiti or street art is one of the things the artist is positive minded about. She finds it an upgrade for the neighbourhood and it makes art accessible. People are confronted with art in a non-art environment. Willemijn finds art important. Not everyone pays a visit to a museum every once and a while and people do not get in touch with art. Street art creates this opportunity for people. Art is more than entertainment. As an artist one can influence people their thoughts with their art. The artist herself makes more decorative work. Next to street art, Jugendstill is an inspiration to her work.

Willemijn has been exhibited at Galerie Simplon.