Andrea's Art Agency Andrea’s Art Agency is an independent art agency based in Groningen, The Netherlands. We represent a broad portfolio with artists who have one thing in common: they all create unique urban contemporary art. We hope to bridge the gap between artists and clients. By marrying arts and marketing, AAA matches the wishes of the client with the artists expression. Andrea’s Art Agency provides a dedicated service to support artists on the business side, so they can concentrate fully on what they do best: creating great works of art. We offer clients the chance to enrich their companies with unique site-specific murals and matching exhibitions of autonomous artworks. The art contributes to the art collection, atmosphere and aesthetic experience of the building for employees and customers. By putting up a wonderful wall painting at the entrance of the building, the customer literally steps into the brand vision. The brand identity, vision and missions statement are communicated in an original, creative and fun way. To complement your mural or exhibition, an opening event gives the opportunity to reach out to your audience and show what your company stands for and what you have achieved so far. This could be the perfect occasion to celebrate anniversaries, mark a moment in the company’s development or open a new building.
Products We offer a broad portfolio of contemorary urban artists. Through their art your brand identity will be visualized. Andrea’s Art Agency is always looking for new and modern art techniques to match innovation trends. To be able to make a fitting match between the right artist and your brand identity, AAA handles a wide portfolio of artists, specialized in various styles and media. The agency helps you choose through a simple elimination process. It is also possible to pick your artist based on various preliminary sketches to get a better idea of how your office could be transformed. Urban contemporary art stems from the graffiti street art scene. Artists have taken themes, media and styles from the streets into their studio’s to work on canvas, walls and panels. Urban contemporary art often has a hint of the subversive, confronting the viewer with contemporary issues. It cleverly mixes memes, icons and mass media imagery with colourful and beautiful craftmanship. Graffiti, stencil art, illustration, painting, screenprinting and photography are mixed an matched in the artmaking process. New media like laser graffiti, moss murals and site-specific art are amoungst the more innovative forms of the genre. AAA is constantly looking to expand its horizon. If you would like to join our portfolio, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

we gaan graag met u in gesprek

Address: Groningen
Phone: 0646744857

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